Fig and Olive Media

Art in the digital world

UK Muslim communities have a rich culture waiting to be expressed, understood and experienced.?We make that happen through creative art via…


– Films

– Documentaries

– Podcasts

– Bespoke videos


– Literature on British Muslim Art

– Literature on History of Islamic Art

-Literature on Poetry by UK Muslim Poets


– Infographics

– Canvas paintings



– Spoken word poetry

– Non-instrumental music production


-Muslim Arts festival

-Islamic Arts Exhibition

Training & Development

– Internships

About Us

Fig and Olive Media was set up to provide a digital representation for the Muslim community in Britain to express, share and educate the UK and International community of their rich and diverse culture as British Muslims through various forms of art including film, poetry, literature, digital design, non instrumental music. In 2015 we registered the company and purchased a leading UK platform We started working with many aspiring and talented British Muslim men and women from to help them explore and create their cultural expressions through the various art forms via our team of specialists and share their work with the digital world. With over a decade of experience in the sector we later expanded into training and development of young visionaries in particular in the realms of poetry and literature to become specialists in their fields to then further inspire and develop others to do the same. Every penny made through the company’s activities is reinvested to offer the community and our artists the best possible service.

We have worked with…

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